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Why You Should Rather Have A Blog

Why You Should Rather Have A Blog

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Valued Reader,

Blogging is a trend that started back in the Nineties and grown into the most preferred and loved method for generating an income online. There is not a single successful affiliate marketer that does not have several blogs in several niches. More importantly, their blogs are actually getting indexed and rank in Google.

Your Blog can be up to 1000 times more effective, and this figure is based on the standard maximum posts allowed on a blog by Google. The key lies in doing the Search Engine Optimization for each post individually, which can be done by simply installing a Word-Press Plugin. This only means that your post title will be used to give each post a unique URL, pointing to your primary domain.

Before installing your S.E.O Plugin, you first want to change one little general setting in the settings section by clicking on “General”. You need to go over to “Permalinks” and ensure that “Post Title” is selected, that is how your post title become part of your primary URL.

There are basically two current favourite S.E.O Plugins in Word-Press namely All In One S.E.O and Yoast S.E.O. Now the decision is entirely yours, and I can assure you I have read excellent reviews on both these Plugins. Personally, I use the All In One S.E.O Plugin which is also the one I will use as demonstration which is the primary focus of my article.

From inside your Word-Press c-Panel, move your courser over the Plugins tab and select Add New in the drop down menu. Don’t add anything in the next window yet, but type in the search phrase “All In One S.E.O” in the search window to the top right. Next you want to press “Enter” on your keyboard because clicking your mouse will not start the search at all.

Once the search is done, you should notice the plugin as it should appear with a blue shield and named All In One S.E.O Pack. Simply click on install and then activate the plugin with the next action, by simply clicking on “Activate Plugin”. It is the centre option to three options you will have.

Once installed, you will see the title displaying to the top left of your c-Panel dashboard inside Word-Press. Next you want to open the S.E.O Pack so we can enter the title and description of your blog. Just scroll down to the Title and Description and complete these two sections, try to include the keyword you wish to rank for in both Title and Description.

Your Site title must not exceed 60 characters, because it is the general amount accepted by most major search engines like Google. To play it safe, 50 characters is more advisable depending on the particular search engine.

Your Title should not exceed 160 characters, but like your Title 150 characters would be more advisable. Be Precise in your description because that is what your visitor sees and is also what makes the difference between a click and a converting visitor. You want your visitor to stay on your blog and read your content. Your content in turn must provide your visitors with useful information they can actually use which will be a solution to a common identified need within your niche.

This way you also gain credibility, and soon you will get recognized as a professional. Now, this exact same steps you have just followed will also be available when you scroll down each individual post. And this is exactly where the 1000 times more effective theory can be better understood.

With each individual post however, your Title and Description sections must vary from your Site Title and Description. Do Not Copy/Paste your home page details to each post, your site will be recognised as spam. You have to focus your post Description on your Post Content, with no exception to the Title.

You may find that your Post Title may be more than 60 characters, which is why you only use the Primary Keywords you wish to target for that particular post on your blog.

This only covers a few of many steps to optimize your blog and rank faster in all major search engines. There are hundreds of tiny little steps in the right direction to imminent blogging success because building an empire online takes time.

One setting change and one plugin that probably took you around 15 – 20 minutes to change, install and complete. Your Word-Press c-Panel is kind of like a fighter jet cockpit, with a Lot of Buttons to make a Lot of Things Happen.

You just need to press the right buttons, for the right reasons to achieve a certain end result. It’s all about tiny objective steps in the right direction, because there is no such thing as a Giant leap to fame and fortune.

All you need is a willingness to learn, and a stubbornness to keep going regardless of the results because failure is the building blocks of success. Success means going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie


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