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What should my email newsletters include?

What should my email newsletters include?

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Dear Reader,

Your subject line will be responsible for your open rate and must be eye catching. There’s a very simple method to use in achieving this. Just check all the emails you receive and pay attention to the ones that immediately attract your attention. But don’t use the exact subject lines, rather concentrate on the style of the subject line and develop your own method. Never use an exclamation in any subject line.

An email newsletter is where you will share the link to your product and/or that of an affiliate offer but don’t flood the entire email with a link in every second line of your content. That will go straight to your subscriber’s junk folder and statistics show that over 80% of email subscribers does not check their junk folders. You should include only one call to action and one URL.

Your call to action must be aimed at inspiring a desire or a need for knowledge or a particular solution to a common problem people have in general inside your niche. Depending on your auto responder the steps may vary but the basics of adding a link is pretty simple and should be accessible inside you newsletter editor where you create newsletters. Video and numerical numbers in call to action phrases can prove to invite better response. A call to action like “Watch the Video that attracted over 1,000,000 Views”. Try to avoid words like free and easy. But you must base your call to action on facts about your product which is why your product knowledge is so important.

If you do have your own website then, like with blogging you should include your website URL in your email signature as with your blog post signature. That is one of the best methods to get targeted traffic to your website which should concentrate on a single product per website. Be sure to have a “Tools I Use” page with your “Contact” and “About Me” pages.

It is much more preferred to share your own website or blog and even your own eBooks with your subscribers which must contain keyword rich content and useful information. Your newsletter is like your point of sale where your auto-responder messages are more tutorial orientated with no links shared, except your own website in your email signature.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie


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