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What Does This Button Do…

Valued Reader,

Strange title, I know but allow me to tell you more. What does this button do? That was my curious reaction I after starting with Word Press. I knew nothing of settings, widgets, keywords and plugins let alone blog design. Yes I have briefly looked at blogging before, but not quite that driven and interested back then. That which I thought to be too complicated and technical, turned out to be quite logical and simple when you slow down to a gallop.

Your Word Press c-Panel is kind of like a fighter jet cockpit, with lots of buttons to make things happen. But, which buttons do you press? Only one way to be sure, press the damn button and see what happens. If it turned out to be a missile, then oops…sorry. Let’s see what this button does…

Focus on the method, not the program because you will be amazed at what your mind may come up with, once you start pressing buttons. What’s the worst that could happen…you having the most unattractive blog on the planet? It’s just another tiny object you must move out of the way, research and improve. Trust yourself, you can do it.

You must explore and research, it’s the only way to gain knowledge and brand yourself by getting recognised. Every new trick you learn, is something you can help your audience with later. It’s all about what you do, what you offer and what you know.

Today, I am able to index a new Word Press blog minutes after launch and all I had to start with was curiosity. These blogs normally average a Google Rating from 72% to 85%, which as it stands is above average. And all I did was figure out what all the buttons are for, which did require watching a Lot of training videos and intense research.

What does this button do? – This button will show you what happens when you use it. And there’s only one way to find out. All you need to succeed is curiosity, and a willingness to learn at a realistic pace. We’re not racing here, it’s not a contest.

Making Money Online is what happens once you realise it is an art, an art that favours preparation, precision and moderation.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie


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