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How to write a Quality Introductory Email

How to write a Quality Introductory Email

Be First!

Dear Reader,

Writing a quality introductory email that will be sent out to a new subscriber to your list, it’s always a good idea to thank and welcome your new subscriber. Complement them on completing the subscription process in a manner that inspires the thought of individuality. For instance, try to include something to the liking of “As a new subscriber, you’ve set yourself apart as being determined to reach your goals…”

Making your reader feel the sense of accomplishment may inspire a certain anticipation and surety of reading your follow up and auto responder messages. A quality introductory email message is all about making your new subscriber feel good about their decision to join your list. Adding to that sense of accomplishment your introductory email should contain a free gift like an eBook with valuable and useful information.

If you do not have your own eBooks then you may want to purchase some eBooks that come with resale rights so you don’t intrude on the copy right of a particular author. Writing your own eBook will require that you have extensive knowledge on your niche, because that way you are sure to offer a proven solution to a general problem within your niche. A free gift always go a long way when you include it in a quality introductory email message, and you Never include any sales pitch or offer in your introductory email.

A quality introductory email also highlights the fact and concentrate the reader’s attention to the importance of your follow up and auto responder emails. Give your new subscriber a clear indication on what to expect and why it is important to pay attention to your upcoming emails. Try using a “reason why” kind of tactic that will have your reader even more interested. An example may include something like. “Be on the lookout for my emails that will show you how to drive traffic, because you will need more traffic when you actually want to have any sales online…”

Combining a free offer, inspiring a desire and creating a certain sense of anticipation and accomplishment is the primary objective of a successful quality introductory email message. You want your new subscriber to feel comfortable in the knowing that they had just done the right thing in joining your email list.

When you have all these attributes nicely combined in a single message, you may just be blown away by the conversion rate you may receive.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie


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