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How Sequence Builds Your Empire

How Sequence Builds Your Empire

Be First!

Dear reader,

All your efforts must have one primary purpose and that is to build your online empire, and not just a quick shelter. There is absolutely no final destination or single tool that will have you achieve that, but rather a combination of tools, tactics and methods. If you get started in attempting to make money online, forget about the next day achievement. You’re building an empire where you need to have the right tools in the right sequence at the right time.

There’s a sequence to success online which starts with your keyword research, building your blog and website and linking that to your email list. That is a proven success recipe, frantically posting on social platforms will bring you little to no actual sales. You have to prove to your audience that you are a professional, and the methods discussed here are the proven methods used by all successful affiliate marketers. You must structure your entire internet effort around products and systems you actually use, that way you will be able to create interesting and helpful content. The latter is crucial if you’re going to make any money online at all.

Once your keyword research is done, basically your blog leads to your website and email list while your website presents the products you wish to promote and also re-direct to your email list. Your home page is more about engaging and providing helpful and interesting content to your visitor. You must have a separate page like “Tools I Use” from where all your promotions will be presented. Which is also why it is important that you are an expert at the product you promote by personally using it. Knowledge is the only power you have to leverage success.

Google offers you all the tools you need to do most of the important stuff like keyword and page rank research. Preferred blog sites will be Word Press and Google Blogger, where Get Response and A.Webber are amidst the favorite email auto-responders. But, even if you have all these magic tools in place you will still need product and niche knowledge.

Internet jobs are not fairy Godmothers that turn PCs into ATM’s, quite the contrary. This fairy Godmother will make you work for every little thing. If you think any Internet Job is a quick way out of your financial situation, you want to rethink your intention. Work toward Progress and not Reward because success is only tiny steps in the right direction.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie


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