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How does Commission Work in Affiliate Marketing?

How does Commission Work in Affiliate Marketing?

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Being an Affiliate Marketer is one of the easiest ways to earn money online, but don’t be misled by the term easy. It only means that you will not have to be responsible for things like support and refund requests. Commissions is what you earn for every sale made through your affiliate link and when the purchase is done, your commission are automatically earned.

In many cases there will be a waiting period for your commissions to be paid to you, especially where the seller offers a money back guarantee. You may have to wait the entire period of the refund policy before you can withdraw your commissions. This may vary, depending on the affiliate platform you are using. With Click Bank all Vendors must abide by and honor Click Bank’s 60 Day money back guarantee. With Click Bank you can earn commissions as high as 80% per sale which is among the highest online commission percentages you can earn.

All you have to do is drive visitors to a particular product you are promoting through your affiliate link. Therefore you should have your own website and blog because once your sites are ranking high you can promote any product you want within your niche. But, you never sell on a blog but rather share the link to your own website in every blog post signature.

Once your commissions are available for withdrawal or pay-out, you can normally choose between receiving a cheque or electronic transfer and even payment to your PayPal account. There are various methods to process payment, personally I prefer electronic transfers. One such method is by applying for your free Payoneer debit card, which is normally linked to your cheque account with Bank of America.

With Click Bank you can link your Payoneer Cheque account and every time your account reach the set threshold, your commissions will be automatically paid to your account. You can use your Payoneer debit card anywhere in the world and it’s one of the hassle free methods to receive your online commissions. But it is important that you link your accounts correctly for this to work well.

Once the commission is paid out to you, it cannot be reversed. If the buyer decides to request a refund after the refund period has expired, then that will be a case between the product owner or publisher and the buyer. You will never be expected to pay back any commissions already paid out to you.

The entire method of earning money online by means of a commission structure is quite fascinating, and there are certain things you must learn from This Website to be successful.

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Deon Christie


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