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Do You Have a Vision a Desire or just plain Greed?

Do You Have a Vision a Desire or just plain Greed?

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Dear Reader,

Sometimes having a desire get confused with having a vision but the two are quite different, and when you add greed to this equation then failure is immanent. Having a vision means having certain goals over certain periods of time. It’s all about preparation, where action combines all you efforts to amount to success. This will require a lot of research, sacrificing a substantial amount of time and constant analytic tracking. A Vision is where you focus all you energy on a single product, method, tactic or system at a time. You never try and do everything at once, because that is a mistake mostly made when having a desire. When you have a vision, then failure is interpreted as a lesson and not defeat. A bend in the road is not the end of the road.

Having a desire is often linked to an eagerness that result in an attempt to figure everything out at once. This mostly end in getting lost in a vast ocean of information overload, which is where most newbies tend to give up. Desire is still chasing that magic button that will turn your PC into an ATM, with yachts and Sport Cars in the next few weeks. Desire is what gets us to make mistakes and sometimes even rush in an attempt to make money faster, which by the way is not going to happen. Making money online is an Art, it’s not a contest. Merely having a desire fueled by greed with little action is called daydreaming, and will ensure your failure.

The right attitude is what separates desire from vision, because when you have a vision you realize the importance of hard work. Success depends on your attitude, and not your aptitude. When you have the right vision, you will assemble the right framework and foundation from where to build your online empire. You will soon realize that success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, there is no such thing as a giant leap to fame and fortune.

Greed is the destroyer of success, and result in many newbies giving up in a state of desperation and even depression. Greed inspires being in a rush and greed will convince you of instant riches which will result in sheer disappointment.

You should have a Vision, inspired by a Desire to achieve your goals. You must cut yourself from all forms of greed, and accept the fact that it takes time to build a Castle.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie


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